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Please Upload Photos

To help make this site more social we like people to upload an image, it DOES NOT have to be an image of you, we would never force this on anyone but an image that you like and that you are happy with.

There are literally millions of royalty free images on-line that you can download and use and most computers come with sample images included so you should never be lost for an image :-)

So, please take the time to upload an image, any image so this annoying pop up goes away.

Many thanks, Phil and Andy

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Please Update Your Profile

Please can you update your profile page, this box will keep appearing until you do? We want this site to be as social as possible and the first thing people will look at is your profile image.

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Please read terms and conditions

Below are some basic terms and conditions that we require you to agree to before you can proceed to the Mastermind section.

This only needs to be done once as we tag and record the acceptance so make sure you agree before clicking the link at the bottom.

As with all Saltori community activity, all negativity is banned. Objective criticism is welcomed as long as it is not destructive. People have to get on with each other, though this has rarely caused much of an issue in the community so this is here just for guidance purposes.

If a person is found to be causing a problem then it will be investigated and if we agree the person is a problem then they will be evicted permanently from this community and will not receive any refund.

Peoples details are private, ideas can be freely taken from the community, however, please understand the individuals right to privacy. However, that said we reserve the right to sell the recordings to whomever we wish to, and cut up and use the recorded material in any way we see fit to help spread the Saltori Structured Thinking message around the world.

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