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What is A Bug Free World?

We are a community of like-minded people using the Structured Thinking Personal Mind Control Process created by Andy Shaw as described in the books 'Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind’. This Process was created to teach people ‘How To Think’, NOT ‘What To Think’. The whole world only teaches ‘What To Think’.

The Process actually delivers the results that every book on personal development says it delivers but unfortunately doesn't. If any of them did then the world would be full of successful people. The whole idea of this Mastermind Community is to bring together like-minded people who are reading, listening, watching and studying the Process themselves as a way to significantly improve their lives.

The thousands of people in our Mastermind Community know ‘The Process’ works and want to get where they desire to go in the shortest possible time. The site provides everyone with an environment in which they can set about achieving what they actually want from life... Not just have to put up with what they are getting. If you would like to know more then simply follow one of the links below:

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